Our services

    It is important we let you know who we are before telling you about our services. 

We are a group of young Pharmacists who know the importance of medications availability when needed by patients.

We are not pharmacy but Pharmacists who go extra mile to ensure that rare drugs are available to patients who need them. Please take note of this. 

Some important drugs are rarely needed and therefore low in demand. Most of them are highly priced too.

Anyone in business of making profit will rarely stock products with low demands and high cost prices.

This is also true for some specialist drugs. Their demands are low; they are consequently difficult to access. 

Their prices are usually high as well, and this further scare pharmacies from stocking them. 

No business person loves tying down their money. It is not business wise to do. 

We are here to provide you with these rare drugs whenever and wherever you need them. We are breaking the barrier of rare drugs inaccessibility to patients. 


At A Glance

We are a group of Pharmacists who go extra mile to meet people’s medications needs. 

We understand that pharmacies rarely stock orphan drugs and some groups of drug we classify as RARE drugs, so we are here to make them available to you when in need. 



Our Company

Rare and orphan drugs providers

At DrugStocker, we provide rare and orphan drugs to anyone who need them. 

We do this at an affordable price and deliver fast. 

We are Pharmacists. We basically use our network of pharmacies and Pharmacists to provide you with your needs at the shortest possible time. 

Before you conclude that any drug is not available, call us first. 

We go extra mile to provide rare drugs to people who need them.

Jude Ozioko

Founder, CEO of DrugStocker

Therapeutic Areas of Focus

Neurology and Oncology

We provide every rare drugs on demand but our focus are are on oncology and neurology drugs. 

Oncology and neurology drugs are often difficult to access by both patients and health facilities, especially in Nigeria. We are therefore focusing on their provision to patients and health facilities that need them. 

This doesn’t mean that we can’t provide you with other drugs on demand. We can; but we expect that you get any drug that is easily accessible in your neighborhood pharmacy. This will save you some money. 

Always call on us whenever your drugs are not available in your area so that we get them for you.

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