10 signs and symptoms of diabetes you shouldn’t ignore

Having signs and symptoms of diabetes doesn’t automatically mean that one is diabetic but they are suspect trigger for one to begin thinking it is around the corner. When these signs and symptoms are around, the chances of you being diabetic is close to 100 percent.
Among these signs and symptoms, there are some that ones noticed, you should go for a confirmatory test immediately.

Going for a test immediately is to avoid its complications which is not in any way palatable when they come.

The things that ones noticed, call for a test as you likely have diabetes are outlined below.

1. Diabetes might be around the corner when you start urinating every now and then

Using rest room always is one of the key indicators that diabetes is really knocking or already seated. Although, Other things can cause one to urinate always. Examples of these include some drugs used in managing hypertension called diuretics, drinking of too much water, drinking of alcohol, cold weather etc.

But one thing peculiar about these other things which could make you urinate often besides diabetes is that they don’t last. Ones the cause is removed, it stops. For instance, if it is diuretics that is causing it, ones you stop taking the drug, the excessive urination stops after some hours and forever. The same thing goes for other reasons which could make one urinate excessively outside diabetes.
When you begin to use rest room too often especially in the night, ensure you test for diabetes. Doing so would help you immensely.

2. Suspect diabetes when you begin to drink too much water compulsively

Some people drink too much in a bid to achieve one thing or the other (water therapy). For this group of people, even frequent urination might not be an indicator of diabetes.
But when you begin to feel thirsty always, check it, diabetes might be around the corner.

How does this happen?

Remember what is in number one above; the diabetics urinate frequently. Doing so makes them thirsty often as well. So, they go hand in hand and ones noticed calls for a test to rule it out.

3.  Feeling hungry always should get you thinking if it is coming

Being hungry always goes with eating always. So, if you eat always as a result of being hungry, suspect diabetes. Of course you know yourself, naturally, some people eat often because they feel hungry often. For this set of people plus every other person, ones you begin to feel hungry more than you use to do, it calls for a test to ascertain that diabetes is not seated.

4. When you begin to have recurrent urinary tract infection (frequent itching of private part), suspect it

Having urinary tract infection often is a thing of concern. Many things could be responsible. Diabetes is one. So, when you begin to have it, ensure you see your healthcare provider to know what is really wrong.

The use of  medicated soap is usually a culprit among women as it encourages infection generally including urinary tract infection infection. Read about it here.

To learn about recurrent infection and ways to cure it completely, click here.

Infection thrives well in the presence of sugar. In the diabetics, sugar sips into there urine. This makes bacterial and yeast infection to be common among them. Among women, pregnancy might be the reason anyway. But whatever be your suspect, ensure you go for test to enable you know what is really wrong. If it is diabetes, being on diabetic drug will definitely prevent it and other of its complications.

5. When you have frequent Skin infections, there are chances it is present already

People who have diabetes tend to have frequent skin infections. Ones you notice this, get immediate treatment and in addition, test for diabetes. If you are diagnosed of it, work with your doctor in its management.

6. When you begin to feel weak and tired always, watch-out for it

In the diabetics, there bodies lack the ability to use glucose from the food they eat. Ordinarily, after eating, the body converts the food to glucose among other things. After that, the glucose enters into the blood. In those who don’t have diabetes, the brain and muscles plus body cells take up the glucose from the blood. This gives us energy. Energy to work and be fit. Alas, in the diabetics, the glucose remain dumped in the blood, inaccessible to the brain, muscles and cells. This makes them feel weak and tired always (even after eating).
So, if you feel hungry, weak and tired even after eating, RUN to any health facility or pharmacy near you for a test. This will help you greatly.

7. When you experience unexplained weight loss, it might be diabetes that is causing it

Being obese or overweight is a risk factor for diabetes, yet it is often associated with weight loss. This is because, in the diabetics, the body burns fat for energy as glucose remains inaccessible to the body cells.
Get this clear, being overweight or obese is a risk factor for diabetes. When the diabetes is already seated or present, it leads to unintentional weight loss.

8. When your wounds heal slowly or hardly, it could be the guy

Wounds healing is often difficult in the diabetics. When you notice this, test for diabetes and start treating if it if there or strengthen your treatment if you are diagnosed before now and already on treatment.

9.  When you suddenly begin to lose your sight, then it has really stayed in your system

Blurred vision is an indicator of diabetes that has stayed. This is as result of its complications. Yes, diabetes destroys the eyes if left untreated.
So, when you begin to lose your sight gradually or suddenly, suspect diabetes. Of course, you know what to do when you suspect anything. You go for a test to be sure. Even though the eyes are two, both of they often go blind together. So, none will be spared for you. Diabetes leads to blindness.
To avoid this, test and start treatment if necessary.

10. When you have fruity sweet breath that smells like furniture polish or nail polish remover

In the diabetics, their body lacks the ability to properly use glucose from the food they eat, so it resort to breaking down fat for energy. This makes ketone to build in the blood. Acetone, a part of ketone bodies is actually responsible for the sweet fruity breath in the diabetics.
Note, if this is observed, then the diabetics has over stayed undiagnosed or untreated; and any little delay will definitely be dangerous to the person.
So, if you notice anyone who has sweet breath, encourage the person to RUN to his or her doctor or better still, an endocrinologist.

Currently, diabetes has no cure, but early management will ensure there is no complications. And do you know what: if there is no complications, it’s as good as there is no diabetes.
Test for diabetes today, if positive, start the necessary treatment today.

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