5 benefits of losing weight

Weight loss plans are many and people embark on them for different reasons. Majority, especially female folks do so to look attractive. For people in this group, they can do anything possible in other to lose weight.

Like one of my colleagues would say, such people can even eat faeces if it is said to lead to weight loss. The goal of weight loss plan is missed by people in this category which is to have a quality life. Sadly, only few embark on weight loss plan for healthy purposes. No wonder weight loss activities are mainly indulged by women.

Today, when you see two to three women gathered, weight loss plan would be among their topic of discussion. They would always want to know if there is a new plan that will give them quick result. They would never care to know if there is any long-term adverse effect the plan might have on them. This is the reason ketogenic diet is treading now.

We don’t mean here that it is only women who embark on weight loss plan. In fact, weight loss is encouraged for everybody who is overweight regardless of gender as it enables for general well-being.

Five reasons it is essential that one lose weight include the following:

1. Weight loss prevents development of glucose intolerance.

Glucose intolerance is not the same thing as diabetes, although they have the same symptoms. Glucose intolerance is inability of the body to properly metabolise glucose. Ones this sets in, the next thing will be emergency of diabetes as glucose intolerance is a major risk factor for diabetes.

Note that once diabetes is not properly managed, it leads to so many kinds of ugly complications such as:


coronary diseases

gangrene (this leads to amputation)


kidney failures among others.

From this, it can be said that as you lose weight, you are walking out from the shackles of diabetes and its complications which are deadly.

2. Weight loss prevents one from coming down with hypertension, stroke, and other coronary diseases.

This doesn’t mean that people with normal body weight cannot or do not suffer those disease mentioned above. Everyone does. However, the prevalence is more in the over weight and obese.

Hardly do you see anybody who is obese whose blood pressure is not high. This could be because the heart needs more pressure than normal to pump blood round the body of the over weight or obese person. In this case, the hypertension is said to be essential. But whether hypertension is essential or not, it kills and remains a major modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Having known this, why not take a step today to lose weight in order to gain health. Weight loss can stop or delay hypertension. Start now.

3. Weight loss generally improves ones’ quality of life

Do you know anyone who is obese? If yes, what does he often complains of?

If he has been sincere to you, they would include chronic back pain, joint pains (arthritis), depression, difficulty in engaging in physical activities and climbing of stairs, difficulty in breathing after a short excessive or physical activities, fear of coming down with diabetes and hypertension for those who are yet to develop them among others. Most of them equally sweat profusely and need more bath in a day to avert developing body odour.

Combination of all these leads to poor quality of life and it can be prevented by losing weight.

4. You become healthier, lighter, smell good and engage in productive activities better.

Why these will happen have been explained above. It is now left for you to either lose weight if over weight/obese or maintain your body weight if you have a normal one. Remember, prevention they say is better than cure.

5. For those who are hypertensive and diabetic already, losing weight allows your drugs to work better. 

So, it will be profitable to lose weight. If not, your doctor will keep on changing the drug you are placed on from one class to another and increasing the doses of your present medications and yet nothing might happen.

Lose weight today to help yourself, your health care providers and your family.

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