Classes of food that kill silently you must avoid

Food is any substance we eat to provided us with nutritional support for life maintenance and growth. So, food is designed to be consumed for no other reason but that we might be of good health and full of energy. This is the reason it is advised that we eat not only food but a balanced one.

Balanced food or diet is the one that contains carbohydrates, fats and oil, protein, vitamins, minerals, and water in the right proportion.This day, most people do not eat for the reason as said above (for life maintenance and growth). They just eat to satisfy their taste buds that its desires are even unquenchable. For this reason, they eat food having a particular class in excess (mainly carbohydrates in form of sugar) against other classes.  We should note here that there is nothing that deteriorates people’s health like leaving on imbalanced diets.

Imbalanced diet, unfortunately, is trendy now. The poor, surprisingly, have better dishes than the rich nowdays.  This can be explained by the fact that the poor leaves even longer than the rich or have, at least, better quality of lives than the latter. Poor man’s foods are most at times fresh. Meanwhile, rich people and young people of this present century eat to quench the desires of their taste buds. This makes them to end up eating foods that are too loaded with:

High calories

Sodium chloride (cooking salt) and mono sodium glutamate

Fat and oil.

In fact,  food of people of this generation are more of processed than fresh/natural and they are always loaded with artificial preservatives. Those that eat just to satisfy their taste buds whether the poor or the rich end up being malnourished. I do not mean here that they look lean. No.  Most of them are even over weight and obese. Yes,  the malnourishement in this context manifests as:

Hyercholestronemia (too much cholesterol level in the blood)

Hypernatremia (too much salt level in the blood)

Obesity (as a result of too much fat deposit in the body) and

Too high a level of low density  lipoprotein

Excess of all these enlisted above, no doubt, is the reason we have too many people dying young.  People age faster now. A child of 5 to 10 years old today, many at times, looks even older than a 30-year-old man and that is the same for adults.

Too much cholesterol level leads to increased chances of one coming down with heart diseases such as hypertension, stroke, heart failure, among others.

Too much salt level in the body leads to increased blood pressure which kills but silently.

Too much low density lipoprotein level is still very fatal as it geometrically increases the chances of one suffering different types of cardiovascular diseases.

The sequels of our choice of food today are early death, early ageing, and poor quality of life as most people who engage in junking suffer one form of chronic illness or the other, but maybe later in their life. Try not to forget this. Even if it’s the only thing you learnt by reading this article, then it has served its purpose. Ironically, people who eat to satisfy their taste buds feel that junks they eat are more healthy and classy than the wholesome food as obtained from village kitchen.

Let’s ponder on these questions below:

Have you ever bother to find out the reason cancer is becoming common even among Africans?

Have you ever wondered the reason diseases like arthritis is on high increase today?

Have you also ever wondered why more people pass away from sleep in this present day? Perhaps, you are among those that do attribute such occurrence to village people being responsible.

Heart diseases are more common now, have you asked yourself why?

Too many obese people floods the street, I believe you the reason.

Frankly speaking, the answer to those rhetorical questions raised above is that what we eat today are not safe and healthy. Yes, our lifestyle (sedentary) might be among the reasons but the reason major on the food, better addressed as junk, we eat.

In case you have not picked anything yet from this write-up, just note that wholesome food and balanced diet give life while it’s counter parts (junks) kill.

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