Livolin Forte: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects and Composition

Livolin forte is a drug containing phospholipids and vitamins made by Mega Life Science. It is a liver tonic that helps in regeneration and faster recovery of damaged liver. It nourishes and protects the liver from various damages and improves the functioning of liver.

Uses of Livolin forte

  • Livolin forte is used in liver diseases of any origin.
  • Livolin Forte is highly effective in repairing liver damage of various origins like alcoholic damage, drug toxicity, fatty liver disease etc.
  • It nourishes liver cells and enables quicker recovery
  • It repairs damaged liver cells.
  • It protects liver cells from oxidative damage
  • It improves the functioning of liver

Composition of Livolin forte:

Livolin forte contains:
  1. Essential phospholipids   300mg
  2. Vitamin B1                          10mg
  3. Vitamin B2                          6mg
  4. Vitamin B6                          10mg
  5. Vitamin 12                          10mg
  6. Nicotinamide                      30mg
  7. Vitamin E acetate              10mg

Dosage of Livolin forte

The dose of livolin forte is one capsule, two to three times daily. To be taken with meal. However, you are to adhere to your physician’s prescription as the dose might differ depending on your condition or what he wants to achieve.

Side Effects of Livolin Forte

Livolin forte can cause abdominal symptoms at a higher dosage.
These could  include:
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Pain in the stomach (gastrointestinal pain)
  • Diarrhoea
  • Reduced appetite
This write up is not a prescription, medical advice or a substitution of any of them. You are therefore to strictly rely and  adhere to your doctor’s prescription.
Remember not to take any drug without consulting your healthcare provider.
Self medication can be very deadly.

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