Pharmacology Vs pharmacy: similarity and differences

Pharmacology Vs pharmacy


We will be discussing pharmacology Vs pharmacy in this article. We will discuss in detail their differences and similarities.

What is pharmacology?

Pharmacology is a course under biological sciences, medical sciences and pharmaceutical sciences.

Please visit pharmacology definition,  branches and classes for a detailed information on what pharmacology is and what pharmacologists do.


What is pharmacy?

Pharmacy is a course which trains students to become pharmacists. Pharmaceutical sciences is synonymous to pharmacy.

This means that they (pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences) basically means the same thing.

A pharmacy student or professional is a pharmaceutical sciences student or professional.

Similarities and differences between pharmacy and pharmacology

A pharmacy student after graduation becomes a pharmacist. Pharmacist are medicines experts.


They research, design, develop and use drugs for treatment. A pharmacology student becomes a pharmacologist after graduation.

Pharmacology is a course under pharmacy as we said above. So, a pharmacist or any medical science professional can major in pharmacology after graduation.

Pharmacy is a stand alone course. It has different branches or specialties.

In pharmacy, we have different departments including pharmacology, pharmaceutics, clinical pharmacy, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical microbiology etc.

Pharmacology as a course, whether under pharmacy, biological sciences, medical science or on its own studies the action of drugs on cells.

To make our point clearer, study this our website. We write pharmacy related articles.

In our categories, we have pharmacology as one of them but not pharmacy.
The combination of all the categories is pharmacy. In it is pharmacology category.

In the industry, the job roles and descriptions of pharmacists and pharmacologists are clearly different.

It is only in developing countries like Nigeria where you will see these two different professionals doing the same work.

Yes, there are professional work encroachment in Nigeria. A professional in Nigeria can double as a doctor, a pharmacist and as a medical laboratories scientist.

What is common there is male nurses parading themselves as medical doctors and pharmacologists parading themselves as pharmacists.

The ugly situation of the professional encroachment is actually caused by lack of gainful employment and corruption.


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