Pharmalent Eye drops uses, side effects & dosage

Pharmalent Eye drops description and Composition

Pharmalent Eye drops is an ophthalmic preparation that contains potassium iodide 0.3% and sodium iodide 0.3% as it active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Pharmalent Eye drops contains Potassium iodide (2.29 mg as iodide) 3 mg and Sodium iodide (2.54 mg as iodide) 3 mg per mL.

It also contains some inert or inactive ingredients called excipients in sufficient quantities.

It is a colourless and transparent solution

Uses of Pharmalent Eye drops

Pharmalent Eye drop is used for the treatment of opacity of and bleeding in the vitreous body of any cause (age, myopia, hypertension, diabetes, periphlebitis etc).

It is also used in clouding of the lens as the first sign of senile cataract.


lodides can activate the metabolism and occasionally counteract cloudiness of the vitreous body.

Potassium iodide diffuses rapidly into the vitreous humour after local administration

Dosage of Pharmalent Eye drops


Instil one drop into the conjunctival sac 1 to 3 times daily.

To minimize systemic absorption after instillation, gently compress the lacrimal sac with the index finger for 1-2 mins.

Side effects of Pharmalent Eye drops

The following are some side effects you may have if you’re using this product:

  • Local effects – Slight and transient burning or pricking sensation. This occurs immediately after instilling the preparation.
  • Occasionally, increased tear flow.
  • Systemic side effects – Hyperthyroidism can be induced because this drug contains iodine.
  • In patients who have the predisposing factor of acne, acneiform effect may occur.

You may experience other side effects other than these listed here. Do not forget to notify your health care provider if any of them is severe.


This drop is not to be used in person with Known hypersensitivity to iodine (iodism) or other components of the formulation.

It should not be used also in persons with functional disturbances of the thyroid


Gently compress the lacrimal sac with the index finger for 1-2 mins after instillation to minimize systemic absorption. Do not use if expired.

Pregnancy and lactation

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use this product.

If for any reason the product is recommended to you by your doctor, please observe the precaution as stated above to minimize systemic absorption.

How to Store

  • Store below 25 °C
  • Discard content after 4 weeks of opening


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