Things to Know About Omicron Covid 19 Variant


Covid 19 which stands for Corona virus disease is caused by Corona virus 19. Since the pandemic started, the causing virus has mutated into different variants.

Alpha, delta, omega and beta variants of Covid 19 virus are out there. Just recently, exactly November 2021, Omicron variant was added to the existing variants.

This particular one was noted to be a variant of concern by the World Health Organization.


The latest variant which was first discovered in South Africa is called Omicron Covid 19 Variant. The variant was designated as Omicron by the World Health Organization.

It is actually a variant of concern as it is thought to spread rapidly more than the previous variants and its virulence is high.

Even though this variant is of concern, it is not yet established if it spreads more than other variants including delta variant nor causes more severe disease compared to infections with other variants, including Delta.

Covid 19 Omicron variant

How is Omicron Covid 19 contracted?

Just like normal Covid 19 virus, Omicron variant is transmitted through the droplets from an infected person when he coughs, talks or sings.

Anything that will make droplets come out from an infected person’s nostrils can lead to its transmission.

It can equally be pick from an infected surface then transmitted by using the hand on one’s face.

How to protect against it?

To protect oneself from getting Omicron Covid 19 Variant, you need: to stay away from crowded place, use noise mask all the time especially when you are going out, takeof Covid 19 vaccine and observe other protocols for Covid 19 virus.

Washing of hands with soap under running water is another way to protect oneself against Omicron Covid 19 Variant.

This practice enables you to wash off any viral particles you might have picked up unknowingly from infected surfaces.

It is therefore advised that you wash your hands always and immediately you return to your house from anywhere.

In situation you don’t have access to a running water, use an alcohol based sanitizer in its place.

Social distancing is another way to protect oneself from Omicron Covid 19 virus Variant.

You will believe with me that you cannot tell who is Infected or not at an early stage of the infection.

Of course signs and symptoms of Omicron Covid 19 virus infection does not occur immediately after infection.

So, staying away from people will help you to stay safe.

Early diagnosis of any disease is key in getting it cured without complications or in having it properly managed in situation of an incurable one.

The same thing is applicable to Omicron Covid 19 virus. When you feel sick, ensure you visit your health care provider for a test. Doing so will help you know the exact problem.

If it is Omicron Covid 19 Variant, then you will be isolated and treated.

Which countries are affected?

Omicron Covid 19 virus, a new variant of Corona virus 19 was first discovered in South Africa.

Currently, it is spreading to other countries. It has been diagnosed in Canada and United Kingdom.

Those diagnosed of it in Canada had a travel history from Nigeria. This shows that the Variant is probably present in Nigeria now.

It is advisable to stay away from traveling to these countries. Countries should equally ban travels from these countries to curtail the spread.

Even though we may not wish that it spreads but then, it must surely do. This is because people are always traveling.

It is important to note that Omicron Covid 19 virus does not travel. People do and they take it alongside with them.

Remember that the first case of Covid 19 virus was first discovered in China but it almost got to all the countries within a space of few months. Omicron will not be different.

Is there a vaccine for Omicron Covid 19 virus?

For Omicron specifically, there is no vaccine. But for Covid 19 virus in general, there is a vaccine.

It is expected that the available Covid 19 vaccine should be able to provide protection against Omicron variant. Whether this will happen can only be told by time.

How to Treat Omicron Covid 19 Disease Variant

Corticosteroids and IL6 Receptor Blockers will still be effective for managing patients with severe COVID-19.

It is therefore expected that these drugs will be effective in treating Omicron Covid 19 disease. This information in accordance with observations made by World Health Organization. 


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