15 ways to prevent asthma attacks

Prevention of asthma attack is not all about taking drugs. There are other things that when put in place, its attack will be reduced even near to zero.
This article is designed to reveal those.
Although, the ways to prevent asthma attack as contained in this article might not be new to you. They are probably what you know. The essence of reminding you again through this article is that you may start putting them into practice so that you enjoy quality life. This is for the asthmatics anyways.
I believe that repetition most time makes things stick better into our subconscious mind.
So, let’s get started.

15 ways to prevent asthma attacks :

1. To prevent asthma attack, always keep your room or house clean and free from dust.

Number one way to prevent asthma attack is by keeping clean. Yourself and your environment.
One way of doing this is by not allowing cobwebs in your house. This is because they trap dust and when there is a little breeze or when a fan, or an AC is put on, the trapped dust is released and this triggers an asthma attack in the asthmatics. 
Its prevention as a result of this can therefore be achieved by keeping your house clean and dust free.

2. The second way to prevent asthma attacks is by getting rid of dust mites from your house

Did I say “getting rid of dust mites “? 
To be frank, getting rid of dust mites is very difficulteven as difficult as the word difficult.
Dust mites are leaving organism that trigger asthma attack in the asthmatics. These organisms  cannot be seen by ordinary eyes. It’s only with microscope that you can see them. Now, tell me how you can get rid of them. You might need to know that insecticide doesn’t kill them. And it’s virtually seen in every home. Both the homes of the rich and that of the poor.
To eliminate or reduce the dust mites, wash your clothes, bedspreads and lining with hot water from time to time. This helps a lot in reducing or eliminating them.

3. Don’t use or spray insecticide where someone who has asthma is.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use or spray your room if you are asthmatic or when someone who is, is leaving with you. 
But then, this should only  be done when an asthmatic person is not around or in the place you intend spraying.
Also, don’t allow the person enter the room until after some hours – enough a time that the insecticide must have all settled and the windows of the place opened to allow for fresh air.

4. Don’t use strong perfumes if you’re asthmatic or in the presence of someone who is

Strong perfumes and even ordinary ones trigger asthma attack. It is therefore not good to be used by an asthmatic person or in the presence of people who are asthmatic.
If you are asthmatic and you love wearing perfumes, always tell someone to spray your clothes some hours before wearing it. Of course, it shouldn’t be done in your presence.

5. If you are or leaving with someone who is asthmatic, don’t use rug to cover your floor.

Tiles should be used instead.

6. Do not put your air conditioner (AC)  at extreme cold temperature.

Very cold whether triggers attack in many asthmatics. So, setting your AC in extreme cold temperature wouldn’t be nice in the presence of someone who has asthma. 
Always set it to be in a room temperature (25°C).

7. Don’t stay where people smoke cigarettes/tobacco

Tobacco smoke triggers asthma attack. Anyone who is asthmatic should not only avoid smoking but should equally stay away from where people smoke.
It is better you stay away from every form of smoke anyway. This should include smoke from burning wood, grass, clothes etc.

8. Check if you are allergic to common foods and food ingredients that can cause allergic reactions; avoid them if you are asthmatic

Examples of these include:
Milk and milk products
Nuts including peanuts
Fish and shellfish
Food additives: sulphites and 
Note, it’s not all asthmatic persons who are allergic to the above listed foods and food ingredients. Even some people who are not asthmatic can be allergic to them, although this people are few.
Since some people are allergic to the above listed items, check if it is part of what triggers your attack. If any of them is among, be avoiding them to prevent attacks. If not, enjoy them.

9. Don’t keep pet.

Pets such as cat, dog among others should not be kept where someone who is asthmatic lives. Pets furs trigger asthma attack.
Doing away with Pets will therefore help in lowering the episodes of attacks even to zero.

10. Don’t allow flowering plants or trees near your house.

Plant trees that don’t flower if they exist in your area or don’t plant at all. Pollen from flowers trigger attack. If you have flowering plants in your house, you must have noticed that episode of attacks increases dramatically during flowering periods.
The reason is Pollen from the flowers.
To reduce attack as a result of Pollen, ensure your room or room of someone who is asthmatic is always closed when plants are flowering. 
This is because, during this season, pollen in the air might be much to the extent that it would no longer matter if you have flowering plant in your compound or not.

11. Ensure that there is no cockroach in your house

Every body parts of cockroach including its saliva and waste causes allergic reactions to some people especially those who are asthmatic. 
Dead cockroaches equally cause allergic reaction.
To prevent asthma attacks from cockroaches, their elimination is the only way. This can be done naturally by denying them of a place for inhabitation and food.
To do this, keep your food items in an airtight containers, and avoid any form of dirt or food debris in your house.

12. Limit your exercise and and avoid  stress if possible

These can induce attack. If you love exercise, tell your doctor. He will place your on drugs that might help you exercise regularly without problems.

13. Do not stay in a crowded place

In a crowded area, different odour that can trigger asthma attack emit.
This could be from perfumes, or just body odour. Avoiding a crowded place will help you in no small measure.

14. Stop drinking alcoholic beverages

Although not common, alcohol triggers attack in some asthmatic persons. If you are among them, stop drinking.

15. To avoid asthma attacks, take your drugs as needed

Asthma drugs serve different functions. Some prevent attacks while some relief attacks. To prevent asthma attacks, always take your preventive drug as prescribed.

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