Hypertension of the eyes and ways to manage it

Every part of the body has one thing or the other that troubles it from time to time. At times, other parts of the body do help in making the challenged part overcome its challenges through body defense mechanism. Some other times, the embattled part does succumb to the problem facing it. At this point, we say that the part in question is dead. 
If the eyes are the affected part, they are said to become blinded. In other scenario, the affected part might just become partially dysfunctional. The problem, in this context, that can either lead to death or dysfunction of any part of our body is called disease.
Hypertension is one of the diseases that kills humans and even does it silently. 
The eye also suffers hypertension as an entity. I know that you will be wondering what hypertension of the eye actually mean and how we can possibly say that it is present? The eyes are said to be hypertensive when the pressure inside the eyes called intraocular pressure is persistently high.
Actually there are no warning symptoms to show that the eyes are hypertensive. This disease condition can only be noticed early through regular eyes checks by an ophthalmologist or an optometrist.
This disease condition is called glaucoma. Glaucoma is one the leading causes of blindness worldwide. Like hypertension, there are no warning symptoms in most cases of glaucoma until at its late stage, a point where optic nerve is damaged already. 
At this stage,blindness is inevitable. You should therefore cultivate the habit of engaging in regular eyes check more especially:
If you are 40 years and above

if your parents or any of your close relatives has or had glaucoma

if you are hypertensive

if you are diabetic

Through regular eyes check, you can escape blindness especially as a result of glaucoma. The beauty of the universe can only be appreciated if we have functional eyes. 
Avoid getting blind therefore by following the recommendations above.

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