5 reasons your weight loss plan is not working

Solution to a problem lies in knowing what the problem is. Having knowledge of the reasons some weight loss plans fail will be of important in addressing it. Of course weight loss plans are many, one’s plan is determined by his or her target. People who have normal body weight are not expected to have the same plan as those who are overweight. 
Those who have normal body weight are expected to choose a plan that would just be necessary to keep fit and maintain their body weight. Those who are overweight might not have a similar plan with those who are obese already. At obesity, radical weight loss plan is advocated but not one that its risk outweighs the desired benefits. Whichever category you belong to: whether you’re normal, overweight or obese, following 9 amazing weight loss tips will give you an expected result in a short while.
You are probably reading this because your weight loss plan is not working out as expected. If this is true, then continue, as the possible reasons will be enlisted and explained. I believe strongly that the first step to solving a problem lies with knowing the problem itself. 
At the end, you should be able to learn one or two things. We are not going to repeat how you can loss weight in a matter of days as it has been discussed here. If you sincerely followed the plan religiously, there would be no way you would not have achieved the desired goal.
Let us now look at the possible reasons your plan is failing.

1. After exercising, you consume more calories than the amount burnt in the course of the exercise.

This can be likened to a man who was determined to transfer every drop of water from a water filled drum into an empty water reservoir. The drum was under a water tap which was left open. The man was using a big bucket in transferring the water into the reservoir covering some distance to achieve that. 
The first scoop the man made reduced the water very well that he assumed that the next he returned, the whole water in the drum would be emptied. Of course you can guess what happened when he came back. The drum was already over flowing. That Continued like that until he discovered the problem. Immediately the tap was closed, he was able to transfer the whole water. 
Now, put yourself in that man’s position, after exercising do you like the man, allow the tap to remain open so that the little weight you lose (not noticeable immediately) will be replaced to an extent that there might be an over flow even (obesity). 
Some people believe with soft drink production companies that meals are best enjoyed with soft and carbonated drinks and the likes. Taking those soft and carbonated drinks with meal is like leaving the tap open. Eating heavily after exercise is still like leaving the tap open. Eating heavy meal late in the night is still like leave the tap open. 
Junking is like leaving the tap open. Junks include ice cream, biscuits, cheese, chocolate, hamburger, cake, crisp, bacon, roast yam, plantain, potatoes and other fries to mention but a few (see the dangers of junk outside making one gain contraceptives
In weight loss plan, no result will be achieved if you leave the tap open no matter the measure you take. So, to achieve your desired result, ensure that all the taps that might rubbish your effort are closed.

2. You probably have an implant or you may be taking oral contraceptives

Contraceptives have weight gain as one of their side effects especially in combination agents with androgen like progestins. So, if you are having implant or you are taking oral contraceptives, it could be the reason or one of the reasons your weight loss plan is not working out.
You might be wondering if you should now remove the implant or stop the contraceptive and expose yourself to unwanted pregnancies.
That it not what we are saying. So long you feel that you need contraceptive, be more consistent in your weight loss plan. You will definitely lose weight if other reasons apart from this very one are taken care of.

3. In situations you might be getting everything right, some other drugs apart from contraceptives as discussed above can actually be a problem to your weight loss effort.

Every drug has its side effects (side effects are the undesired result you get from drugs). Some drugs have weight gain as part of their side effects. If you are in such drugs, you might be having challenges in losing weight. The drugs that have weight gain as part of their side effects include:
Types 2 antidiabetics E.g
Steroids and hormones (for hormone replacement therapy)
Antiepileptics especially valproic acid and
Antihypertensives (Beta-blockers)
If you are on any of these drugs, endeavor to tighten your belt in your weight loss plan. Following strictly 9 amazing weight loss plans will be very helpful.

4. You drink alcohol regularly and probably excessively.

Alcohol has a high caloric content. Its consumption therefore leads to weight gain. Pot belly (protruded stomach) is a mark which men that drink beer excessively are known for.
 Weight gain as a result of alcohol consumption is more pronounced in women than men. Alcohol still leads to weight gain indirectly through several ways. One of these is that it stimulates metabolism and thus leads to over eating. It also inhibits the body from burning stored fat for energy as acetate is used instead. 
Acetate is what the liver converts alcohol to after consumption. Note that light or moderate alcohol consumption does not lead to weight gain, it is rather associated with lower body weight (Breslow and smothers, 2005). 
If you desire to lose weight and you drink excessively, it is high time you stopped. Drink responsibly; even breweries advice people to do so. A unit of alcohol is enough for a day.

5. It could be genetic.

Have you taken time to looked at your parents ? Are they overweight or obese? What of your siblings? If these people are either overweight or obese, then you should not expect to be lean or slender. Fatness could be genetic and in such situations, dieting or weight loss plan(s) would hardly yield the desired result.
This does not mean that you should give up in trying to lose some weight. Never you try it, else you will be increasing your chances of aging early and also having different kinds of cardiovascular diseases. 
If fatness is in your gene, exercise always, shun sedentary lifestyle, eat healthy meal devoid of: junks, saturated fat and high salt content, avoid excessive sugary stuffs and observe 9 amazing weight loss tips.
Weight loss program should not be embarked upon for aesthetic reasons only, the over-weight and obese are at high risk of coming down with diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart failure, and other cardiovascular disease. They also feel the pain of arthritis more. 
Lose weight therefore to gain health.

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