Natural ways to treat diabetes

By best lifestyle approaches for diabetes management, we mean natural ways or way to treat diabetes.
I wish to start by asking these important questions:
Is there a special diet (called diabetics diet) for the diabetics?
If yes, does the diet improve the quality of life of the diabetics?
This article will give answers to those questions raised above. Reading it will be of utmost important especially to the diabetics, those who have family history of the disease, the overweight/obese people and to the diabetics caregivers. The overweight and obese people are emphasized because they are at high risk of coming down with diabetes.
To start with, diabetes does not have a special diet for its management, although some people do sell what they call diabetic diet for sole purpose of self-enrichment.
The diabetics however does not need special diet. What they need is a lifestyle modification just like every other person especially those who are at risk of heart diseases and stroke.
Diabetes is a very serious complex disease state whereby the sugar from the food gets dumped in the blood.
This means that the sugar level in the blood will become abnormally high. The diabetics feel hungry and tired always even immediately after eating.
This is because the sugar from their food remains in the blood, inaccessible to the body cells, tissues and  brain for energy production.
Having answered the first question, let’s look into the second one which asked if the diabetic diet improved the quality of life of the diabetics.
From the of the first question, we were made to understand that there is no special diet for the diabetics, so what is marketed as diabetic diet does not in any way improve the quality of life of the diabetics.
What does is a special lifestyle modification that is research based.
The research was a systematic review and meta analysis of randomized controlled feeding trials involving the major macro-nutrients:
  • Saturated fat,
  • monounsaturated fat,
  • polyunsaturated fat and
  • carbohydrate.
The research showed that the diabetics benefited more when they depended on food high in polyunsaturated fat as their major source of energy.
It equally showed that polyunsaturated fat improved blood sugar control in the diabetics.
Polyunsaturated fat was also shown to improve insulin secretion capability and insulin sensitivity.
Apart from the benefits polyunsaturated fat gives to the diabetics, it also helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels in the blood.
This property of polyunsaturated fat lowers the risk of heart diseases and stroke in people.
Polyunsaturated fat generally is good for health and heart.
Interestingly, sources of polyunsaturated fat are common and very affordable too.
They include avocado, vegetable oil and spread, nuts, fish, soybean oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, seeds such as walnuts, sunflower seed, tofu seed, soybean seed, etc.
In summary, the diabetics would benefit optimally with low chances of having diabetes complications if they:
avoid too much sugar (carbohydrates) in their diet.
Processed sugar should be totally removed from their menu.
This would drastically reduce the episodes of frequent increased blood sugar (hyperglycemia) they experience.
Avoid saturated fat entirely. Saturated fat does not only worsen the case of diabetes but also leads to hearts diseases and stroke.
Diabetes alone is not good but when it is combined with heart diseases, it becomes worse.
Make polyunsaturated fat about 45-65 percent of their food composition, protein can contribute to about 10-35 percent.
Water, vitamins and minerals should not be neglected. They should be part of their meal as they are very essential for their healthy living.
Quit smoking for those who smoke
Stop drinking alcohol for those who drink.
Smoking and alcohol consumption are risk factors for diabetes.
Eat fruits and vegetable often especially those that are rich in polyunsaturated fat.
Avoid the so-called diabetic diet.
Diabetic diet has not been shown to be of any benefit to the diabetes. In fact, it makes the diabetics suffer more.
This is because when they are placed on diabetic diet, they feel safe and covered, not knowing that their blood sugar level is still rising on a daily basis.
Diabetes is not a major health challenge when it is well managed. However, it becomes a major health challenge when it is mismanaged or left untreated.
Education is the key to achieving a downturn in the diabetes prevalence rate and complications.
Never use this article as a substitute for a medical advice. Please note that this approach should not replace your drugs.
Keep taking your drugs expect your healthcare provider says otherwise, albeit your sugar level will natural drop if you abide by this approach.
As you are now informed, inform others. You can start it by sharing this article with your loved ones.
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