3 things that made fries bad for consumption

Outside fruits, almost every other food is prepared by cooking before they are consumed. Cooking can be done using hot fat and oil and this method is called frying.
Food that is prepared by frying whether meat or other foods are called fries. Fries, no doubt, are tasteful and most people enjoy eating them.
Examples of fries include potato fries, bean cake (akara), fried meat, fried plantain etc.
Fries are not healthy, although, this is not obvious to many.
Because people are what they eat, eating something that is unhealthy will definitely make one unhealthy. Therefore,  since fries are not healthy, leaving on it will make one to be unhealthy. Note that the harm fries wreck on our bodies is not manifested immediately. It comes later in life.
If something is said to be unhealthy and unsafe to eat, it must either be a particular property or constituent of the item in question that is responsible. 
Now, let’s look into what actually made fried to be poisonous and unhealthy for consumption.

1. The oil used in frying them could be bad cholesterol.

When you consume fries prepared with bad cholesterol, you are doing nothing but over loading yourself with the bad cholesterol which leads to several kinds of cardiovascular diseases like stroke, dyslipidemia, hypertension etc.

2. In a situation were good oil like soy oil, groundnut oil, palm oil etc is even used, the process of heating the good oil to make it ready for use converts it to a bad one.

How does this happen?
Now note this, good oils have two peculiar characteristics:

a. they are polyunsaturated

b. They have cis configuration.

These two attributes that makes oil good is however lost through heating it for a long time. Remember, for oil to be apt for use in frying,  it is most often allowed to smoke and it is at this point that the unsaturation in oil is lost. Its cis form configuration is equally change to trans form at this point.
Trans configured oils are not good to be consumed. These two transformations make oils bad and it happens to good oil when it smokes.
3. Outside the oil that is used, the food which is being fried loose greater percentage of its nutritive value even up to 100%. Most minerals and vitamins are lost during frying, protein is denatured, carbohydrate is charred while water is lost through evaporation.
At the end, when fries are ready for consumption, that which is served which looks yummy and tempting to be enjoyed is nothing but bunch of junk.
Junk is synonymous to fries and vice versa. So, if you are among those who enjoy fries, better cut down on the frequency of its consumption if you cannot stop it totally.
Stop eating to satisfy your taste bud. Even animals select what they eat. Eat healthy and become healthy.

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