9 Amazing and effective Weight Loss Plans 

9 amazing weight loss plans is a weight loss plan that is practical and evidence based. It has a lot of advantages over several weight loss plans available because it doesn’t requires much in terms of money and it has no adverse effect on the body. It leads to a longer and healthier life.
The plans’ steps include:

1.  Do not skip breakfast ( In fact, eat like a king in the morning)


If you want to be productive during the day, you will need to fuel your body in the morning to energize it for the days activities. Breakfast is actually what powers us for the days activities. So, having a good breakfast will prepare you to face the day in a way that is apt. It is when the energy your body Willy drive from the breakfast you ate is exhausted that you will be needing lunch. If you skip breakfast, two things will likely happened and none of them will be good to your health.

a) You will snack intermittently and through the day.

This is because you will feel hungry. If this happens, you will end up taking higher calories than you would have done ordinarily if you had eaten in the morning. The worst thing is that the calories will be converted to fat by your body for storage, hence worsening your body weight. 
Remember that when you eat in the morning, the food will be used by your body to enable you work for the day. snacks are not even healthy for consumption. (See the reason here).

b) You will expose your body to a high risk of coming down with stomach ulcer.

This is true because digestive enzymes and acid our body secrets will not see food substrate to act upon. Because of this, they will end up digesting the stomach lining and this will result in ulcer development. 
Of course, ulcer kills especially when not properly managed.

2.  Eat regularly but small meals each time

Eating healthy meals regularly  is good for a weight loss program. It enables one avoid the danger of eating junks ( link here) called snacks which are heavily loaded with high sugar, salt, and fatty content. Eating small but regularly also helps in preventing us from feeling deprived or overly hungry. It helps stabilize body energy and blood sugar level. This actually makes high calories restriction more manageable.

3.  Drink plenty of water

Researches have shown that drinking plenty of water is vital in wight loss plan as:
It increases the rate at which our body burns calories (increased metabolism).
It makes us feel satiated by filling the guts
It suppress appetite if taken before meal (about 30 minutes before meal).

4.  Do not just eat anything that gets to you; know what you eat

This tip can be achieved by reading food labels for packaged foods. Food low in calorie, fat, salt, and sugar are the best for weight loss program and this can be easily determined by reading food labels.

5.  Eat more of vegetables and fruits.

Vegetables and fruits are low in calorie, salt, and fat, therefore they should be best consumed by all, not only for weight loss program but for a good quality of life. They are still very good in weight loss program anyway.

6.  Play on your psychology

By this, we mean that you use smaller plate for your meals. When you use small plates, your brain will record that you have eaten a plate of food, hence you will be satiated. When you practice this religiously, you will gradually get use to eating small portions without going hungry.

7.  Take time to eat

What we mean here is that you eat slowly. The brain takes time, about 20 minutes, to note that the stomach is full. So, eating slowly will allow you not to over feed yourself. In fact, we would suggest that you stop eating before you feel full if you cannot afford to eat slowly.

8.  Engage in fruitful exercise

Aerobic exercise is the only accepted one for weight loss plan. It is expected that you engage in aerobic exercise religiously, say 15 to 30 minutes daily. Consistency is the key when it come to adding exercise to your weight loss plan.

9.  Eat healthy meals and avoid snacks.



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