6 things that lowers libido and ways to avoid them

Libido otherwise known as sex drive defines sexual desire as felt by people. Some individuals don’t have much of this while some have it almost all the time.

Serial rapists perhaps have too much libido outside those with mental disorder. This is not in any way trying to justify rape. It’s and Will always remain a heinous crime.

Naturally, we are to have desire for sex from time to time. If it’s never there, then it’s a cause for alarm and a doctor should be seen immediately.

This article addresses some things that negatively affect libido especially in men.

These include:

1. Some drugs we take affects libido negatively

Some drugs affect libido negatively. Examples of these include some antihypertensives including lisinopril and beta blockers, antidepressants, plus metformin used in the treatment of diabetes. The list is not exhaustive though.

Some drugs ( example as noted above include those used in the management of high blood pressure) have as one of their side effects, decrease in men’s libido and performance which can even get to a level where the person can no longer get a lady pregnant. At this stage, the person is made impotent by the drugs.

If you notice that your strength as a man is going down after you are started on a particular drug, discuss the issue with your doctor for a switch to a safer one.

Drug use looks at both efficacy and safety and you should be aware of this.

2. Cigarettes smoking affects libido

Cigarette is notorious for so many ill healths ranging from lung cancer, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and impotence in men.

If you are having low libido and you are a smoker, consider removing smoking from your lifestyle as it may likely be the culprit.

3 . Untreated or poorly treated sexually transmitted infections (STIs) affects libido

Most sexually transmitted infections generally leave a permanent scar when it is either left untreated or not well treated.

One of these is impotence and it is the most common effect they have on people who didn’t treat themselves either at all or very well.

To avoid this type of a thing from happening, always seek medicare from qualified healthcare providers and adhere to your treatment.

The best and safest way to avoid low sex drive as a result of mistreated STIs is to practice safe sex which abstention is the primary way followed by condom usage or being faithful to a faithful partner.

4. Too much consumption of alcohol negatively affects libido

Alcohol has a dual action in men. First, it stimulates men and this first effect has the capacity to push them into arousal.

After it must have done its first work and possibly the game has begone, the second effect sets in.

This stage depresses every part of the Man including his muscle which is the power bank of the on-going game.

This effect of alcohol is more pronounced in the chronic drinkers.

If you are having a libido issue and you drink alcohol, stopping it will be very much beneficial.

5. Some chronic disease conditions negatively affects libido

Chronic diseases do not only kill sex drive but the drive for things that where once pleasurable especially when it is not being managed well.

Management of chronic diseases is often targeted at improving the person’s quality of life as most of them are incurable.

And if the person’s quality of life is improved, his libido should be normal or gets normalized.

Typical examples of chronic diseases that can lead to low libido include type 2 diabetes, arthritis, cancer, hypertension, kidney disease among others.

Type 2 diabetes leads to a decrease in testosterone level in men and this has a direct inverse effect in men’s sex drive.

For more on the relationship between type 2 diabetes and sex drive, click here.

Also, metformin being one of the drugs used in its management also leads to low sex drive just as we noted above.

A better option is another class of drugs called sulphonyureas. Drugs in this class also have good blood sugar level control and an advantage over metformin because they don’t relatively affect men’s libido in a negative manner like metformin.

6. Obesity or being overweight affects libido negatively

Men who are overweight or obese tend to develop low sex drive over time. This is because obesity or overweight has a relationship between diabetes and libido as we stated earlier.

If you are obese and your sex drive is already affected, consider embarking on a weight loss program. Moderate exercise will equally be helpful.

To learn more on how obesity affects men’s libido, click here.

Other factors that negatively affect libido in men include

  • Over consumption of junks
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • ill health
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of exercise
  • Lack of sleep
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Hormonal imbalance (low level of testosterone).

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