Why men die early

Men die earlier than women do. This, however is not in any way specific to either underdeveloped, developing or developed countries. It actually cut across all countries.

Since it’s true that men die earlier than their women counterpart, the reasons of this occurrence is what we hope to provide and possibly suggest measures, where applicable, to avoid such.

Some of the reasons are natural, intrinsic or innate while others are male man-made.

These reasons men die younger than women include

1. Difference in hormonal makeup of men to women

Men have a hormone that is relatively lacking in women called testosterone. Likewise, women have one that is relatively lacking in men called estrogen. Now, these hormones affect us.

The women hormone, estrogen, lowers bad cholesterol level and increases the level of good one in women.

Bad cholesterol is a factor in virtually all heart diseases.

On the other hand, testosterone does exactly the opposite – it raises the bad cholesterol level in men while lowering the good one. This, however doesn’t mean that women don’t suffer heart diseases. All genders do but they tend to start earlier in men because of testosterone than in women, hence the reason men would bow to it earlier than women.

2. Most men care less about their health

The truth is that women care more about their health than men do. This is not age related. I think it’s in them.
Hardly do you hear a man talk about the need to lose weight or wanting to go for routine medical checks. When it comes to weight loss, most men think that women embark on it to look good and attractive.

Well, this is true for most women though, but whether true or not it helps them stay healthy outside making them look good and attractive.

The assumption by most men on the reason women watch weight actually prevents them from doing the same. Being overweight or obese is a deadly thing as it leads to several kinds of ugly diseases especially chronic ones.
Even though most women who engage in dieting and weight loss plans don’t really know its importance on their health, but still it makes them leave longer than men.

3. Most men engage in glaring risks that are avoidable

Naturally, men doubt almost all things. Some men even doubt the existence of some physical things. Yeah. It’s up to that extent – immeasurable.

There are things that are obvious death traps even to infants. But then, no matter how obvious or glaring that might seem, some men will still doubt it.

No wonder we see more men drink-drive or operate machinery while on drugs that sedate or cause drowsiness. Some men do say that their driving skill is enhanced by alcohol. This could be why road traffic accident and other fatal accidents consume more men than women.

Men do drugs more, smoke more and drink alcohol more than women. All these are risk factors to chronic diseases especially cardiovascular ones.

4. Nature positioned man to die earlier

This is only logical and might be controversial as well but I think it’s true.
Street is where men work to put food on the table. Those who are into white collar job wouldn’t understand this. Any life outside office job is a street life. Nowadays, in the streets, bullets are like flies and they perch more on men who are on the streets.
Now, only men are seen in the streets. To survive, most men are forced into the streets. These men naturally allow their wives, sisters and children to remain at home where bullets of death seldom visit.
This puts men on the front of the queue of death.


1. For the number one reason, it’s beyond our control. We can’t change our persons and hormones are part of what made us.

2. For number two reason, men can buy time by adopting a healthier lifestyle. They should do more fruits and vegetables, avoid junks, exercise regularly, and avoid smoke and alcohol.

3. Like number two, men can actually accept things that are risky to be risky to enable them tread with caution. This way, they would buy time and live longer.

4. For number four, we can not change nature but we can help ourselves by being more careful in the street. It’s not ordained for men to die on the street. By being more careful, the fly of death might not perch on us.

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