9 natural ways to prevent gouty arthritis

Gouty arthritis prevention is possible. Gout is a function limiting ailment. This occurs when the level of a substance called uric acid becomes too high in the body to a point where it begins to precipitate into needle-like crystals.

This formation of crystals causes inflammation of the part where it occurred. Of course this is usually at joint in the extremities.

Gout develops either when the body can no longer remove enough quantity of this uric acid or when it is being over produced. In some situations, the two scenario could be the case – when there is excessive production and little or no removal.

Whichever mechanism, the symptoms and  treatment approach remains the same.

It is worth to note here that gouty arthritis can be treated unlike other arthritis. Although, most persons suffering it don’t really get cure; perhaps as a result of poor or wrong treatment approaches or something.

To prevent attacks or flares of gout even when you are on treatment, try and observe all these:

1. Gout Prevention step 1: Lose weight if overweight 

Gout, like it is pointed out above, results when the uric acid level is too high in the body that precipitation begins to occur more often at the extremities of the body.

The precipitates are needle likes and they cause inflammation and pain.

Now, if you are overweight, the pins of uric acid on the joint will pierce more and consequently cause you more pain when compared with someone who is light.

This doesn’t mean that the problem will be solved when you lose weight.

Not at all. The only thing that will happen is that you will experience less attacks and therefore have a better quality of life.

Also, check the level of triglycerides in your body and take necessary actions to lower it if highThis will be of great help to you as high level of triglycerides is believed to bring about increased incident of gout attacks.


2. Gout Prevention 2: Start exercising as a matter of urgency

Overweight or obesity has a connection with gout attacks. People who have gout and are overweight have high incident of attacks. Exercise doesn’t only lead to less attacks but also to weight loss which has got a whole lot of benefits to the general well-being.

Gout Prevention tip 3 Don’t engage in prolonged dry fasting

The religious might kick against this but then, the choice will ever remain yours. If your belief can’t take the gout away. If prolonged dry fasting can’t take it away. If it does actually worsens it, then stop it.

The truth is that prolonged dry fasting causes the elevation in the body, gout causing substance – uric acid. If there’s a need to fast, don’t make it prolonged. Or, don’t let it be dry. This will help you stay off gout.

4. Gouty Arthritis prevention tip 5: Reduce the quantity of purine rich food you eat 

Purine rich foods except vegetables bring about increased incident of gout attacks. An example of purine rich consumable is beer.

Others examples include meats, its extracts and gravies, seafood, beans, peas, lentils, oatmeal, spinach, asparagus, mushroom, and yeast.

Remember that we said that vegetables rich in purine do not affect gout. Others do lead to its attack. So, to stay off attacks, it will be wise to equally stay off purine rich foods.

5. Gouty Arthritis prevention strategy 5: Quit alcohol consumption

If not that even moderate level still leads to this attack, we would have said, drink moderately. But then, moderate or not, alcohol leads to gout attacks. So, to avoid the flares, stay away from alcohol.

You may want to know how this happens. Well, alcohol actually lowers the extent of which out body removes the substance that causes gout and at the same time, leads to its increased production. Through this two mechanisms, it will be on our own interests to avoid it.

6. Gout Prevention tip 6: If you are hypertensive, don’t use diuretics for its management 

This decision however should be communicated to your doctor so that he can replace the drug with a safer one. You know, we don’t just select effective drugs for treatment, we equally pay attention to its safety.

Diuretics generally worsen gouty arthritis. So, to get the needed benefits of your treatment, drop everything that will work against it; in this case: diuretics.

7. Gout prevention tip 7: Replace your low dose aspirin with clopidogrel 

Low dose aspirin is used to prevent from incident of stroke but it increases the blood level of what causes gouty arthritis.

And since clopidogrel does the same thing that low dose aspirin does, it is a better option for people suffering gouty arthritis.

But before this is done, your doctor must know. In fact, it is him who should do it, but probably following your suggestion.

8. Prevention tip 8: Take water and other fluid every now and then

When you body is well hydrated, the chances of coming down with gout attacks will be lowered even if your level of uric acid is high.

In a situation you already having gout, taking enough fluid will prevent new crystals (pins) from forming while making the already formed ones to dissolve.

Prevention tip 9: If you are hypertensive, use losartan in its management

Losartan is an antihypertensive that has been shown to be of help in gouty arthritis. For this reason, switching to it will be of tremendous benefit as it will serve dual purpose while lowering pill burden and cost on a long run.

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