Monkeypox: all you should know about it

Monkeypox is a viral disease. That is, it is caused by a virus. It is not deadly as people think. Although, it can be discomforting because of its signs and symptoms. It can even go on its own without any treatment.

How to know who is infected

When the signs and symptoms of it are seen on an individual, then the persons is likely infected.
The signs and symptoms of monkeypox include:
severe headache
swelling of lymph node
back pain
muscle pain
rashes – this often occur after fever that it presents with.

How to treat it

It has no treatment yet but when it’s symptoms are managed, the victim gets better. Basically, the fever, headache and pain it does come with are managed with pain killer. The person is also place on intravenous fluids. This is or should be done in a hospital to curtail the spread.

How it can be contracted

People can get infected through direct contact with the blood, body fluids, or lesions/wounds of infected animals such as monkeys, squirrels etc. When one eats meat of an infected animal, the person will still get it if the meat is not properly cooked.
The rate of getting it from human is low compared to that of animal. However, being in close contact with an infected person can make you get it. This will be basically through droplets from the person’s nose (respiratory tract) as he or she breathes out. 
Nevertheless, coming in contact with an infected person’s wounds or lesions, blood or any of his/her body fluids or secretions will likely transmit the virus to you. Also, using the same bed, wearing the same cloths or handling an object that has come in contact with body fluids of an infected person will give you monkeypox.

When will I become sick after being exposed to the virus?

After coming in contact with a contaminated object or material or with an infected person or animal or better put, when you contract the virus, it can take up to 21 days before you will become sick. Although, some people come down with the sickness 5 days after getting the virus through an infected person, object or animal.

Who is most affected?

The severity of monkeypox on people is dependent on many factors. It is often more severe among children. Relatively, more death are recorded among them as most adults survive it with or without treatment. 
This does not mean that it is fatal? 
Not at all. It goes on its own even in the absence of treatment after like 2 to 3 weeks of developing it. People who have low or compromised immunity also have it severe on them. Another group of people who have severe monkeypox infection are those who are highly exposed to virus.

How can I protect myself from getting it?

Wash your hands regularly with soap and water especially after visiting or caring for infected persons.
Avoid too many or unnecessary handshakes especially in an area with confirmed incidence.
Where regular hand washing is not possible, always use your hand sanitizer.
Report any suspected cases to the local disease control department
Of course it should be the duty of hospital to quarantine the infected and exposed persons.
Create awareness about monkeypox to people around you

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