Safe sex practices and its importance

By safe sex, we mean any sexual act that is not causal. Of course, causal sex is that which puts us at risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. To the married, this may not apply always except when one of the partners is having an STI.
To engage in safe sex means to consistently and correctly use condom whenever you want to have sex. Remember, this is not applicable, as earlier said, to the married (who are faithful anyway).

Now, the reasons to join team safe sex are:


1. Safe sex prevents us from contracting STIs including HIV

STIs including HIV is a burden to the world health system. This burden is man made; by those who preferred unsafe sex to a safe one.
If asked, they would tell you they needed to drive maximum pleasure.
I don’t really believe there is no maximum pleasure from sex when condom is used. If asked, I would even say that it is only with condom that the unmarried can truly drive pleasure from sex.
I wish to leave this question with you: “would you want to add to this health burden plaguing the world probably because you want to drive maximum pleasure”?
Why not be among those try to take away the plague instead? Even if you don’t want to join in those fighting the battle, don’t be a contributor.
To do this, play safe always.

2. It prevents unwanted pregnancy

Any pregnancy which is not planned is termed unwanted by some people. Although, some other people frown at the word “unwanted”. Which category you belong, just know that safe sex prevents us from either of them (unwanted or unplanned).

3. It saves us the troubles of infertility

In medical practice, most recorded infertility are linked to STIs. It is obvious that STIs result due to unsafe sex. These, when not treated or when poorly treated lead to infertility. This is seen in both genders (male and female).
Unfortunately, most STIs are becoming resistance to common antibiotics available. This means that unless everyone adopts safe sex practice, the rate of infertility will keep on increasing even exponentially.
Correct and consistent condom use wouldn’t give room for STI. If true, there will not be infertility as a result of STI if all and sundry embrace its usage. Please let’s accept safe sex unless you belong to team abstinence. Of course it’s the only method with accuracy of 100% in preventing STIs, and pregnancy.

4. It enables us have rest of mind

One day, a friend called me. He wasn’t at easy which I sensed from his tone. “Guy what is the trouble”? I enquired. “Please what do I do? I’m not sure if I’m free”. “Free from what, I asked him”?
He went further to say he had unsafe sex with a lady he didn’t trust. Guess what, he wasn’t afraid if he had made the girl pregnant nor whether he had got other STIs. His only fear was HIV. To him, other STIs and pregnancy can be taken care of but not HIV.
So, he called to know if something could be done before infection occurs.
Like that my friend, anyone who engages in an unprotected sex stops sleeping for awhile. This state of unrestfulness can be avoided just by engaging in a safe sex. Condom use guarantees this.

5. It saves us time and money

Safe sex saves us time. It is also saves us money. When you get down with STIs just because you needed to skin dive a baby, you will not only spend money in seeking treatment but also your precious time.
Time they say is money. So, you will be more useful to yourself and probably the society if you convert the time, energy and money you will use to seek treatment into something useful.
How can you do this? It’s by subscribing to safe sex ideology. It pays.
I just want to assume that everyone gets cure after STI treatment, although, I know this is not true. Most STIs defer drug therapy especially resistant strains. Other factors can contribute to you not getting cure of an STI. This is not what we are discussing here but I just need you to have this at the back of mind.
I have seen people leaving with treatable infections for years. Some like 2 years or more. Most of them are already hopeless. The reason for the resistance to treatment might have been caused by them anyway.
The summary is that safe sex could have prevented them from those troubles. Save your time and money by playing save.

6. It takes away the inconvenience inherent in HIV treatment

Everyone knows that HIV treatment is free. Thanks to the American people and their president including other philanthropists.
But is the free treatment the solution to HIV infection?
Not at all.
Assessing HIV treatment is not easy at all. In case you don’t know, hospital waiting time is hell. To get you drugs, you will need to spend like hours in the hospital because you will be required to move from one desk to another. You see a doctor, you see a counselor and several other personnel before you finally take your drugs from the pharmacist. For your information, this cycle is not enjoyable. The annoying thing, which you may need to know is that it is for a lifetime.
You can save yourself this trouble.
Now, when you finally get the drugs comes another challenge. You will need to take them everyday if you must benefit from them. Every single day that passes.
Even as a pharmacist, I hardly finish my malaria drug without missing a dose. This is just for 3 days and it still gives me trouble sticking to the dosing.
Now, imagine what those leaving with HIV pass through. Taking of their drugs every single day. Sincerely speaking, it’s not easy
You can actually save yourself this by playing safe.

7. It prevents girls from dropping out of school

To a girl child, teach her abstinence. These are people who are less than 18 years of age.
When safe sex is practised by all, no girl would get unplanned pregnancy. When this is prevented, no girl will drop out of school except for other reasons.

8. It denies us the bitterness of abortion complications

Abortion is not the best option.
Its complications can therefore be avoided by practicing safe sex.
Practice safe sex and preach it.

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