Natural ways to treat sleeplessness called insomnia

Do you having difficulty falling asleep?
Do you always wake up in the middle of the night and that will be all for sleep that night?
What do you do to arrest this situation — taking of sleeping pill?
Can it help you forever?
We have to raise those questions as their answers would be of help.
Now, let’s look into them one after the other.
By default or most often, once you complain to any doctor that you have difficulty falling asleep or that you don’t get sound sleep anymore, the first action he will take is to place you on sleeping pill. 
Yeah, sleeping pill will help you. After taking them, the next thing is sleep and some would even make you sleep for a long period of time without waking up in the middle of the night  to be awake through the night till day breaks.
Sleeping pills actually help in case of insomnia or sleeping problems. But even at this, we need to ask ourselves this question: “do they help forever”? Are they solution to insomnia? 
Well, if they are not, maybe natural sleeping pills alternative would be. Let’s continue to determine that.
Truth be told, sleeping pills fail as days go by. If you are started on a tablet of it initially and it’s very effective, after like a week or so, you might be needing two to three tablets to still get results as one tablet wouldn’t be enough at this period.
When this time reaches, after taking a tablet of sleeping pill, it would be as if you took nothing. Worse of it is that a time might  even reach when the highest medically acceptable dose can no longer make you sleep at all. 
So, sleeping pills are not answer to sleeping problems or insomnia as they don’t help forever. In fact, they fail in matter of weeks. 
Are we now doomed? 
Not at all. There’s still hope.
What’s now the hope?
It’s what you know. It’s probably what you neglect. Maybe, it’s something that’s making you neglect it anyway. 
You’re always busy, so there is no time to exercise. Yes, exercise is the hope. Engaging in aerobic exercise in the evening or 2 hours before bed time everyday would greatly help you sleep like a baby. 
What we mean by aerobic exercise is physical activities like:
brisk walking,
bicycle riding including stationary 
running etc.
Engaging in any of these 15 to 30 minutes daily would not only help:
lower your blood pressure,
make you shed weight,
control your sugar level,
lower your blood cholesterol to normal  but would also help you have a sound sleep. 
The main thing it does actually is that it gives you quality sleep. Of course, quantity and quality are two different things.
Is ozikspharma just making an assumption?
To answer this, we would like to refer you to British Journal of Sports Medicine and Science Direct. There are research works on effects of exercise on sleep there.
Having known this– that sleeping pills fail over time, does it mean you should reject sleeping pill when your doctor prescribes it for you for?
We never said that. You are not to. All we are trying to make you understand is that it’s not an answer to your sleeping disorder. They fail over time.
Aerobic exercise doesn’t. So, try and create time for exercise to enjoy quality life.
Apart from engaging in aerobic exercise, you need to avoid some certain things like taking of coffee or coffee containing products like energy drinks in the evening or later in the night. 
Alcohol has a way of affecting quality of sleep; so avoid it if possible especially late in the night. It’s not even healthy for consumption. 
Kolanut, cigarette smoking and all stimulants should be avoided especially as you approach your bed time.
Sleep refreshes, endeavour to get enough of it daily no matter what.

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