6 Best Rehabilitation Centers In Montgomery, Alabama

If you are looking for the best rehabilitation centers in Montgomery Alabama, you will find them easily when you go through this blog post.

Rehabilitation centers are organizations that are known to take care of individuals who are suffering from different ailments both in their physical and mental health.

Rehabilitation centers are also called addiction treatment centers because most of the health conditions rehabilitation centers treat are drug addiction-related problems and these centers are home to addicts who are involved in illicit drug intake, excessive alcohol intake, or other narcotics as there are different smoking cessation methods and replacement medication available for youths to quit the lifestyle in these rehabilitation centers.

Some of these substances have adverse effects on their abusers and these effects come from injecting drugs that carry a high risk of infection with bloodborne viruses and the effects of substance abuse on these individuals is much. Going to a rehabilitation center will help you understand the infection risks of these addictions. Apart from addiction treatment centers, there are spinal cord injury rehabilitation centers in different countries and states for people suffering from spinal cord-related injuries.

Just as this article will be focusing on the best rehabilitation centers in Montgomery Alabama, we will be talking about them in a jiffy. Montgomery is a city in Alabama, which is a humble abode to some of the best rehabilitation centers for clients suffering from drug addictions and other health conditions. Without further ado, let’s delve right into them.

Best Rehabilitation Centers in Montgomery, Alabama

Below are some of the best rehabilitation centers in Montgomery;

  • Rehab Select at Hillview Terrace
  • Rehab First – Montgomery
  • Bradford Health Services – Montgomery
  • Montgomery Metro Treatment Center
  • Montgomery Health and Rehab
  • Crimson Health and Rehab

1.       Rehab Select at Hillview Terrace

This is the first rehabilitation center in Montgomery Alabama. Rehab Select at Hillview Terrace Health and Rehab is a 143-bed state-of-the-art rehabilitation and long-term care facility located at the heart of the Montgomery, Alabama community. With a one-on-one, personalized, rigorous rehabilitation and a physician-led approach, they are dedicated to helping patients achieve the best, most successful recovery possible in the shortest time possible. Some of the activities they offer are; Long Term Care, Short Term Rehab, and Specialty Services. They also have other rehabilitation center locations in Alabama, such as Guntersville, Talladega, Alabaster, and Albertville.

Location Address – 100 Perry Hill Rd, Montgomery, AL 36109, United States

Contact – 334-272-0171

2.       Rehab First – Montgomery

This is another rehabilitation center in Montgomery Alabama. Rehab First is a highly specialized program dedicated to comprehensive short-term rehabilitation with a focus on comfort, support, and results. Caring professionals work to help each patient reach positive outcomes through a personalized, interdisciplinary approach.

Their dedicated team works seamlessly to reduce pain and maximize function, in a comfortable home-like environment. Their sensitivity to individual patient needs is united with a full range of intensive rehabilitation services including physical, occupational, and speech therapies to help each patient establish and achieve their optimal goals. They also have other accessible locations in Alabama in Dothan and Gadsden.

Location Address – 520 S Hull St, Montgomery, AL 36104, United States

Contact – 334.834.2920

3.       Bradford Health Services – Montgomery

This is an addiction treatment center in Montgomery, Alabama. Being in existence since 1977, the Bradford team understands the recovery process because they know that everyone has a recovery story.

They empathize with their patients, and they provide them with the best care at every stage of the recovery journey. They know that all addictions are not the same, which is why evidence-based research informs their practices, treating their clients where they are for who they want to become. Their goal is to help their clients and their families overcome addiction in the long term.

The Bradford community includes top-quality addiction treatment programs throughout the Southeast that are in-network with most major insurance providers and recognized by leading carriers for their outcomes and a complete continuum of care.

Their treatment programs are; Medication Assisted Program, Extended Care Program, Detox Services, Outpatient Programs, Inpatient/Residential Programs, and Telehealth.  They also have specialty programs that they offer.

The substance abuse disorders they treat are; Cocaine Addiction, Opioid Dependency, Marijuana Addiction, Methamphetamine Addiction, Heroin Addiction, and Alcoholism. They have 9 other locations in Alabama and other locations in other states.

Location Address – 386 St Lukes Dr Suite 200, Montgomery, AL 36117, United States

Contact – 8887623740

4.       New Season Montgomery Metro Treatment Center

This is also an addiction treatment center in Montgomery Alabama. New Season is a leading provider of specialized quality care for Opioid Use Disorder (OUD), operating since 1986 with more than 80 addiction treatment centers in 20 states nationwide.

They support the education and understanding of opioid addiction as a disease so that communities will support those affected by the disease to seek the help they need. In order to combat the opioid epidemic, we must all work together to lift the stigma of seeking treatment.

The treatment services they offer are; Buprenorphine Addiction Treatment, Medication-Assisted Treatment, Opioid Addiction Counseling, and Methadone Addiction Treatment. They also have different addiction resources available and the addiction treatment center has different locations in different states in the US. They also offer free services to their clients.

Location Address – 6001 E Shirley Ln, Montgomery, AL 36117, United States

Contact – 1-877-284-7074

5.       Montgomery Health and Rehab

This is a nursing home in Montgomery Alabama. At Montgomery Health and Rehab, they pride themselves on partnering with their local communities to better meet clients’ Short-Term Rehabilitation, Long-Term Care and Respite Care needs.

Whether they are looking for short-term post-hospitalization treatment or need long-term living arrangements, their facility will meet their needs. Their staff is focused on their client’s needs and works with them and their family to ensure those needs are met.

Their well-qualified and dedicated staff, including social workers, registered nurses, therapists, dietitians, and activities professionals will work with them to develop the best plan of care to maximize their health and well-being.

Some of the services they offer are; Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Respite Care, Complex Wound Management, Nutritional support, and education

Location Address – 4490 Virginia Loop Rd, Montgomery, AL 36116, United States

Contact – 3342816826

6.       Crimson Health and Rehab

This is the last rehabilitation center on the list. It is a nursing home in Montgomery Alabama. For their rehab patients, their facility provides therapeutic services and skilled nursing care to get you well again as soon as possible, in a safe and home-like environment.

Their therapists work together with an interdisciplinary team to formulate a plan of care under the guidance of their client’s personal physician to meet their goals for improvement.

They are proud to offer an environment conducive to healing, with welcoming, well-lighted spaces for meeting with friends and families, both indoors and out. Monthly activities include social gatherings, holiday festivities, games, discussions, religious programs, and community outings. Their schedules and events are constantly updated and improved to reflect the interests of our residents.

Their diverse programs and home-like setting will keep clients engaged and help them make new connections. They offer lots of services to their clients. These services include nursing care, 24-hour supervision, three meals a day, and assistance with everyday activities, such as bathing, dressing, and eating. Rehabilitation services such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy are also available.

Location Address – 3312 Woodley Rd, Montgomery, AL 36116, United States

Contact – 3342882780

Best Rehabilitation Centers In Montgomery
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Conclusion on the Rehabilitation Centers In Montgomery

Now that you have seen these rehabilitation centers and addiction treatment centers in Montgomery Alabama, you can decide to visit any one of them closest to you and get their professional services.

Rehabilitation centers in Montgomery stand as pillars of strength and refuge for those seeking a transformative journey towards recovery.

Their dedication to individualized care, coupled with an amalgamation of evidence-based treatments and passionate professionals, underlines Montgomery’s commitment to the health and wellness of its community.

For many, these centers are not just establishments but lifelines, emphasizing the city’s enduring belief in second chances, resilience, and the innate potential of every individual to reclaim their life. In Montgomery, hope is nurtured, and recovery is celebrated.


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